Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is a general invitation to all members to attend the wine-and-cheese afternoon following the General Meeting on 12 February, at which we will discuss the planned exhibition, SEED, at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Bring along your collections of seeds or anything you think will inspire members to get their creative juices running. See the January Newsletter for further information.

Here are some extra images of possible outcomes for the next three workshops:

1. Engineered Book Structures, 26 February and 12 March

     DAY 1

     DAY 2

The following two workshops have been organized to inspire those members who are contemplating entering either 2D or 3D works in our exhibition at the Palm House in August.

2. Boxes and Books: Construction Around the Found Object, 8-10 April

Diana Brandt writes:
I did a workshop with Sandy Webster in Geelong some years ago., at which I made the first of my boxes. Sandy is certainly very inspiring and her work is quite different from anything we have previously done at Primrose. She is extremely talented and outgoing and there seems to be no end to what she can do. Her strength lies in her ability to combine different media in an interesting way.

 Don't forget to visit Sandy's website.

3. Using Monotype to Crack Your Creative Barrier, 14-15 May

Here are additional images of Sandra Pearce's work:

You can see more of Sandra's work on her blog.

A happy and creative New Year to all.